I have a bad habit of missing voicemails. When they arrive I usually do not know about them, and for some reason verizon doesn’t warn me when my inbox is full.

I do not have a smartphone for many reasons. They’re expensive, fragile devices, and they have the ability to distract the hell out of you. That is, I don’t care if Jody broke up with her boyfriend, and I don’t want to be notified of it.

Unfortunately though, this means I don’t have an ACPI LED at my disposal. :-(

~ Get Ghetto ~


To remedy my situation, we decided at 11:30 last night to get ghetto. By this, I mean it was high time to cram an ATtiny into whatever space was available in my phone.

Of course there wasn’t much…



I’m not particularly proud of this one; it’s quite the hack. I’ve told the little man in that SOIC to look for when the ground line of my vibramotor goes low, and to initiate an LED blink sequence when this occurs.

There’s no easy way to determine when I’ve “read” my mail though, so the best 2AM solution to that problem was to break-out the ATtiny’s reset line to a button, glued on the phone.

Yeah, it’s pretty bad. But hey, it worked.