Thank you Adam



I do appreciate thanks guys, it’s a rare thing for me.

It’s why this website exists  :-)

“I have just read your guide about electricity and I want to thank you for making so clear a subject which has mystified me for decades. It must be said that this is the first time since school that I’ve had a go at learning about it (God bless the internet) but your explanation is lovely. Thanks for taking the time to make and share it.

I am an archaeologist and blacksmith and I have been thinking about a good area to be creative and original and I figure that just like steam engines two hundred years ago, the falling price of components means that new uses may be developed. And I’ve always wanted to build whacky electronics. Today is my first step and you made it easy and pleasant.”



“Grenadier, my jaw is dropped down to the floor reading this. This is like the very last episode of the series X-Files, where everything comes together all in one episode. I am in awe (that’s a suburb of a town in China). : ) My respect.”


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