BB-UbuntuGUI: the desktop ubuntu beagleboard distribution

Note: People stopped seeding, my server had an HDD fault, and I have lost this image. Sorry.

Yes, Ubuntu 12.10 with a GUI on the beagleboard-xm.

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This is a project I put together this weekend; an Ubuntu distribution for the Beagleboard XM (or really, any OMAP3 board). Specifically, a distro with a GUI that wouldn’t use every clock cycle within a mile’s range just to open up a folder. LXDE seemed like a nice choice, so I went with that.

It comes pre-installed with all sorts of goodies; python, numpy, scipy, geany, GIMP, chromium, a file manager, wifi-support, bluetooth-support and various other things every programmer should have.

But why ubuntu? What’s wrong with Angstrom?

Ubuntu has drivers. It has support. It has all the things needed to configure OpenCV or any other software you’d need, and it’s a branch that will always have a company supporting it. It just works.

So how do I install it?


Torrent [and seed] this image and use win32diskimager to burn it to a >4GB microSD card. That’s it. I really don’t understand why people make embedded software distributions so dang hard to install!

Default user: beagle

Password: xm

Root password is also xm



Sound is kinda buggy (as usual on the BB). I plan to fix this when I have more time/motivation to do so,  so follow me on twitter to keep track of any updates on that, and for news of any other bugs and fixes.


It’s usable; certainly more so than wheezy on the raspberry pi. Sure, it’s not the fastest thing around, but remember, you’re running ubuntu here on what is essentially the equivalent of an old smartphone!

Have fun. ∎

15 thoughts on “BB-UbuntuGUI: the desktop ubuntu beagleboard distribution

  1. Thank you for all your help. You made a great thing :)My webcam get interfaced with it, I used python-opencv to capture the video.
    (but cheese still not get installed) :(

  2. Your link to “Torrent [and seed] this image a” is a broken link. Could you please display the actual URL please?

  3. sorry, but the image url that you have referenced is damaged.
    please correct it, i really need it

    thanks in advanced.

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